Millionaire Real Estate Investor Book Club

Millionaire Real Estate Investor Book Club


Millionaire Real Estate Investor Virtual Book Club

By Gary Keller, Dave Jenks, Jay Papasan

Have you wanted to build your wealth through real estate investing? Whether you have 60 properties or none, come learn from over 120 millionaire investors from all walks of life who pursued financial wealth and achieved the life-changing freedom it delivers. Learn their fundamental systems, criteria, collective wisdom and experience.

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor covers:

  • Myths about money and investing that hold people back and how to develop the mindset of a millionaire investor
  • How to zero in on the key terms of any transaction and achieve the best possible deals
  • How to develop the “dream team” that will help you build your millionaire investment business
  • Proven models and strategies millionaire investors use to track their net worth, understand their finances, build their network, lead generate for properties and acquire them

We’ll meet via Zoom from 4 pm – 5pm.

Saturday, May 2

  • Discuss Section One (pg 72)
  • Share WHY you are interested in Real Estate Investing
  • Resource Link

Saturday, May 9

  • Discussion through Page 121
  • Consider your Big Why that is described on pages 79-82.
  • Resource Link

Saturday, May 16

Let’s build together.